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While working for the likes of Google, British Gas, Beyond, KPMG, and the UK Ministry of Justice I’ve learned how to help businesses grow through Design. Our first call will be about your business objectives and the challenges you face – typography, colours, and features are just the means we’ll achieve your goals through.

Doctors don't offer medication before diagnosing patients. Working with a Designer should be no different.


Even when the scopes look similar, no two projects are the same, and this can affect the timeframe. We will discuss this in the beginning and I will give you an estimation based on the results you want me to achieve.


First, it’s important to understand how I can create business value for you. I won’t be able to do that before knowing everything about the project, the company, and yourself. As soon as I understand how much value I can provide, we can talk money. As a rule of thumb, I don’t get paid by the hour, but on a project basis.


Just like you, I am an individual who pays for food, rent, bills, and enjoys the occasional holiday. If we are a good fit, we sign a contract to make sure we are both legally covered before starting to work together. This is no different than working with a lawyer, a financial advisor, or an architect.