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My Personal Goals for 2017

2016 has been a great year for me, with all the goods and bads that happened. My move to the UK has to be at the forefront of this article, as it was a big step forward in my life. 

They say that leaving your comfort zone is the best way to grow, and I felt I became way too comfortable after eight years in Denmark. I didn’t like that. Looking at my life and thinking that this is how it’s always going to look like scared me a lot.

England is much different, and it comes with a whole new set of challenges. Moving to a city that I haven’t even visited before has been a risky move, but I have to say that I really like London - as long as I have noise-cancelling headphones on.

I'd like to look forward to the next year and publish some of my important personal goals. I know I am more likely to work for them if I, at the end of the year, need to be accountable for them publicly.

My main goal in 2016 was reading 15 books. A couple of days ago I finished the 19th, and this was without even trying. I read almost nothing over the summer, being busy preparing to move to London, and nothing for a couple of months after actually arriving in England, spending that time to settle down. I reckon I could easily have read 25 books. What I learned is that while it’s cool to have a goal of how many books I want to read, it was a mistake to create the actual list. That was not a very agile way of reading. If a new interesting book comes along, you have to wait for at least a year until you can read it.

Therefore, in 2017, I want to read 12 books. The reason why only 12 is because I have some other goals that will take some of my free time. 

One of these is to refresh my German. After studying German for almost 12 years in school, it is quite disappointing not to be able to have a conversation with a German speaker. I need to get that back. The goals for this year are finishing the Duolingo course and being able to have conversations in German at the end of June, when I’ll head to Germany for a week.

Another important goal for me is to finally learn JavaScript. This is something that I’ve tried before. I’ve been on and off different courses, but never really finished any of them. So 2017 has to be the year to do it. I learn JavaScript because I want to be able to enhance my designs with Framer.js.

Travelling is also a big part of who am I (this seems to be everyone's hobby, I swear). Maybe that’s the reason I’m writing this article from an airport. I already know I’ll visit Edinburgh (to speak at the DIBI Conference) and Tallinn - cities I’ve never been to before. On top of these, I want to visit two other cities I’ve never been to before.

I always take a look at my Bucket list when I set my goals, to make sure they align. One of the items on my list is starting to invest before I turn 26, which is in no less than five months. So it has to happen this year.

To summarize, in 2017 I have to:
- Read 12 books
- Finish German course and be able to have conversations with native German speakers in June.
- Learn JavaScript/CoffeeScript for Framer.js
- Travel to four cities I’ve never visited before (Edinburgh and Tallinn already booked!)
- Start investing before May

My pledge

Some of these are difficult to quantify, however, reading 12 books is an easy one to. Therefore, at the end of 2017, I’ll donate $50 to an organization that I don’t support for each book I don’t get to read. Knowing that I risk donating to someone I support is not going to make me stick to the goal, but donating to a group of white pride nationalists surely will. So I’ll cheat and start on the first book already now, on my holiday. 

See you on the other side