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It's Time to Step up and Take Responsibility for Terrorism

As impactful as it is, terrorism is simple at its core: cause fear. When people fear dying the most, no manual is needed on how to proceed. And while statistics point to the decrease in terrorism since the 1970s, somehow it seems more relevant than ever.

I don’t pay attention to headlines because I don’t read newspapers. Yet the recent London events forced me to, because they happened minutes from where I work. A common theme I noticed during tragic events is that media outlets are not doing us any favours.

It feels cynical to say it, but whenever terrorists strike, it’s payday for journalists. The need to provide free content pushes them towards click-bait and poor workmanship. Maybe this is why journalism is not a dream career anymore.

No one would slice people in Borough Market if the media would react better. Terrorists spread their message — and cause fear and panic — through the media outlets we pay for. Don't ever forget this.

London was a sad sight the day after the London Bridge incident. It was grey and dull, almost pathetic. Yet instead of mourning with the citizens, newspapers chose yet again to extract the incredible: He died in her arms, The Terror Trio, EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Mother of First Victim Crying on Camera.

One of my favourite places in Borough Market.

One of my favourite places in Borough Market.

Journalists have forgotten that their duty is to report news, not to beg for clicks on the back of tragic events. They are drunk on attention. When your wasted friend needs a ride home, you don’t let her drive. You call her a cab. If the journalists won't do it, it’s time for us to take responsibility. We control what newspapers write about — we do it by not buying.

Before you spend money on a newspaper or read their website, make sure they do right by you first. Let’s step up! It’s our responsibility too.